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Magner vacuum meters have the smallest weight and size among the machines of this class, at the same time, the VC-525 mini has the highest recalculation rate of 2300 banknotes / min, which ensures high performance. Magner vacuum banknote counters provide highly accurate conversion and demonstrate impeccable quality and accuracy. 
These devices are the only counters that correctly work with documents on thin paper (for example, customs declarations, with a density of 50-55 g / m2). High reliability and efficiency of vacuum recalculation will help you to easily handle any number of securities, shares and just large-format documents.
 Magner counters have the necessary set of additional functions: autostart, "bundle" mode and so on. The bright LED display and simple keyboard make the meter easy to learn and easy to use. An important distinguishing feature is the low cost compared to similar machines. Magner vacuum banknote counters are ideal for recounting banknotes, securities and packaged banknotes in banks and other financial institutions.

Operating principle Vacuum
Counting speed 2300 banknotes/min
Display LED, 4-digit, green light
Size of recalculated sheets min - 90x55 mm; 
Max. - 300x130 mm
The capacity of the sheet loader 150
Begin recount Automatic./ Manual

length - 260 mm 
width - 260 mm 
height -750 mm

Weight 28 kg