Colour Control

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Restrict colour functionality of your KYOCERA MFP to only those who really need it with KYOCERA Colour Control. Meaning you can easily keep on top of your print budget.


Printing in color can bring your documents to life; however, color is sometimes not necessary for certain employees, groups or departments in an organization.

For organizations looking to control their spiraling print costs, KYOCERA Colour Control can be a great advantage. When installed on a KYOCERA MFP, a login screen appears which requires users to enter a passcode before accessing color functionality on the device. And whilst color functionality is restricted, public black & white functionality is not affected.

By introducing Colour Control, you can implement color copy restrictions to employees working environments whilst simultaneously cutting the cost of the color consumables.

  • Provides colour functionality to only those who really need it
  • Saves on consumables and other associated printing costs
  • Provides a ‘Public Access’ button for general black & white use
  • Promotes appropriate and efficient use of your MFPs
  • Compatible with all colour HyPAS-enabled and capable MFPs