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Provide a secure print release system without the need for a separate print server with KYOCERA Print&Follow.


It can be incredibly annoying if you’ve printed a document and the printer is busy or out of use. You either have to wait for the 1st job to finish, or re-print the document to another device.

With the KYOCERA Print&Follow suite, such situations can be easily avoided as print jobs are stored on a central MFP server which all devices can access. Meaning you can log in at any free device to print your documents, avoiding print queues and increasing data security.

The Print&Follow suite doesn’t require an additional print server either, as the central MFP becomes the print server, reducing the cost of introducing secure print release.

The KYOCERA Print&Follow suite comprises two applications, Print&Follow SE and Print&Follow AD. The SE version provides basic serverless secure print release, whilst the AD version provides support for Active Directory environments.

  • No extra server required, the central MFP becomes the server.
  • Easy to login, either with a PIN, password or ID Card.
  • Data remains secure with data encryption and authentication to ensure your documents can be accessed and printed by authorised personnel only.
  • Easy to set-up and use with intuitive installation and user interface, meaning anyone can operate the application without training.
  • Increased printing flexibility with job lists, as jobs remain on the list until they have been printed or deleted.
  • Ideal for small businesses with print fleets of up to 5 devices.