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Ensure document security in Google Cloud Print environments with KYOCERA Cloud Print.


Printing via the Cloud or with services such as Google Cloud Print is becoming an increasingly popular method of printing as companies make the move from physical to Cloud storage and Cloud print environments.

But think about document security and user authentication when it comes to this form of print release. Traditional Google Cloud Print formats print the document as soon as it is sent, with no user authentication and no document security. So how do you ensure the security of business documents when they are printed?

Developed for the European market, KYOCERA Cloud Print works with Google Cloud Print to enable print release via this method, but best of all, it allows your organisation to link their Google Cloud Printing with leading print management solutions, such as PaperCut, Equitrac and Safecom, to ensure secure print release.

  • Document security - unique to KYOCERA Cloud Print, connect your Google Cloud Print account to your print management account for ultimate document security
  • Can be set to hold all print jobs until the user authenticates
  • Provides direct printing from Google Apps and Google Docs
  • Easy to use printing via the cloud from smartphones, tablets and PC's